Easy Credit Repair are experts in removing black marks from your credit report. We have helped thousands of everyday Australians remove black marks, defaults and other negative listings which impact your credit rating.

Many people find themselves with defaults on their credit report. In most cases, defaults come as a result of financial hardship. Sometimes, it may just be an accidental missed payment. In any case, a significant number of people with defaults on their credit report are completely unaware of their situation.

Default listings can have lasting effects and cause serious problems when applying for lines of credit; whether that’s a loan, credit card, financed car or something small like a mobile phone.

A debt as small as $150 and only 60 days overdue can leave you with a black mark on your file for 5 years. During this time, you will struggle to use mainstream lenders and be driven towards credit agreements with astronomical interest rates and huge fees.

We are here to help you obtain credit from mainstream lenders by removing any default listings you may have on your credit report.

Whether you are looking to apply for a personal loan, home loan, credit card or you would just like to enjoy lower interest rates on future credit, Easy Credit Repair can help get your credit back on track.