Our Process

Step 1

We conduct an in-depth analysis of your credit file to determine whether you have a negative listing on your credit file.

Step 2

We request as much information from you regarding the circumstances of the negative listing.

Step 3

We make contact with the creditor that listed your defaulted payment, requesting documents showing evidence that the default was rightfully listed against you.

Step 4

We review the documents submitted by the creditor to identify any legislative or compliance breaches which may deem the default unlawful.

Step 5

We issue non-compliant creditors with a formal notice to immediately remove the unlawful listing from your credit file.

Step 6

We receive a response from the creditor, generally indicating one of the following:

  • That they agree to remove the negative listing.
  • They request additional information.
  • The credit provider declines to remove the negative listing.

If a credit provider refuses to remove unlawful negative listing, we will continue negotiations or escalate the matter to the appropriate governing agency. If the negative listing was listed lawfully, we will be unable to remove it from your credit report.

Step 7

The creditor agrees to remove the negative listing from your credit file.

Step 8

We notify Veda and Dunn and Bradstreet of the removal of the negative listing by that particular creditor.