Your credit report contains every piece of information on your file regarding your credit history. The information is collected from credit providers, courts, credit reporting agencies and other organisations. If you have ever applied for credit or a loan, there is a credit report about you filed with a credit reporting agency.

We specialise in removing all kinds of negative marks on your credit report, including:

Payment Defaults

Payment defaults are the most common negative mark on a person’s credit report. A payment default occurs when a debt of $150 or more is overdue by longer than 60 days. Creditors must provide consumers aware of any outstanding account debts and provide them with written notice. Payment defaults can remain on your credit report and negatively impact your credit for 5 years.

Court Judgments

A court judgement is an order enforced by the court, stating that a particular party owes money to another party. Court judgements will leave a negative mark on your credit file and significantly affect your ability to obtain credit.

Clear outs

A clear out is usually an overdue amount that has been listed on a credit report because the creditor has made numerous attempts to contact the consumer with no success. If the individual can’t be contacted, a creditor can list the overdue debt on a consumer’s credit report – even if the debt has been overdue for less than 60 days. Clear outs remain on your credit report for 7 years.

Crossed or Linked Credit Files

A small number of credit reports across Australia are crossed or linked because of the way some lenders submit your credit report data.